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Can you take Vicodin and Soma while you nurse?

Can you take Vicodin and Soma while you nurse?

I read assorted views on this topic and found that it breast milk and results in your baby being drowsy, but other undergoes, as this; is there any others side-effect? I have a broken disk (before pregnancy) and also developed on both wrists carpal tunnels, w,ährend I pregnant was, and the pain became worse. I Hafen\'t now been on each meds up to it, but I muß the pain ease and thought at going back to my meds. My daughter is 5 months old and ichbemüht itself \'ve, to cure her/it/them of breast milk away, so that I can take my analgesics and cortisone shots get, and so on, but I was surprised if I can still put her/it/them any breast milk to the disposal, while I take Soma and Vicodin, granted, that I don\'t abuse her/it/them and take, no more than the stipulated one 3x one day???

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The vicodin should be O.K.. my midwife had be me I on it, after my son had been born because of the pain, there, and I nursed. The somas un not certainly over. Always speak with your doctor and let known her/it/them was\'s that goes before itself. 100 percent 1 voices saves to it! ! RSS

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through whata-Verschwendung, you definitely ask your doctor!!!

through krbx4, I took vicodin during pg and nursing. My doctor made it rules to me. I place wei auf\'tß of the soma.

through mystic_e.... your best means to it is motherisk where a trained pro will be capable to take your baby\'s age into consideration, the dosages, that take you and tell you, if there is any surer medicine. It is worth, thereß the long distance assigns,:
(416), 813-6780 Motherisk\'s home line

In general however it is surer to use medications after your baby is 3 months old because her/its/their liver can exclude the drugs faster. You/they aren\'t quite as well as an adult, but is a quantity better in this age.

Also SIDS risks with 2 and 4 months of climax, you are so, is also at it. So, the sedating-Wirkungen are a bißchen less of a worry. It also is less likely, thereß an older baby won, enough gets \'t to eat without protesting. Damit\'s another worry, thereß you avoided, in that you wait.

Then there, the risks of the formula live, of which most people are unsuspecting, is how many doctors. You/they become vollst in generaländig run through. The sad matter is, thereß babies can and do dice of formula feeding, even in the USA, even in Canada, even the privileged senior class with access to the best drugs and medical worry. Formula enthält high levels of the contaminants like aluminum and silicone. Soy formula is with high levels of phytoestrogen, cadmium and höheren levels of most contaminants especially worrying, as milk based formulas. Hypoallergenic-Formeln often contain MSG. Form elfalso mommy of the protective effects steals ütterung to nurse including a reduction in Kerbsrisikos, from, osteoporosis under many others.

had a c-Teil well i from Shawn\'s mom, and this Dr. prescribed me vicotin... and the first 2 weeks long of i fed i-Brust took this pain med..., so that assumes i O.K. thats,... i dont knows from Soma\'s, but, to bring them both at the same time, can never be well...

Because of his/its low class hid answer

it would be healthier for the baby, to whom formula was fed as oposed to more narcotically corrupt breast milk.

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